Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hip Hop feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier

Normally, I don't pay to much attention to DJ Khaled, but This ish right here, right here this ish,  Scarface & Nas bodied this ish!!!!!  'face came real emotional and Nassir blessed it with the sick lyrical.  Premo scratching at the end is like that real good frosting on the cake:

And if I cry two tears for her
that would be the most that I would give to her
she left me stranded in my nightmare
taken pictures of my memories she right there
twisting on the blade in my heartbeat
Always on my mind so I can’t sleep
She used to tell me she was all mine
Now the only way I see the broad is online
I’m doing drugs trying to feel you
I’m killing me trying to kill you
I built my whole life around you
I thought I found it all when I found her
Shopping sprees on whatever coast
How’d you really feel, I may never know
And as I ride through these streets
With my hand on my heat, eyes red from the sweets, I..
 realized some things never change
once in love and it's gone you don't look at it the same
Fck love cause she don't live here
I'm soaked in blood but I'm still here
hip hop heartbreaks
straight lace
deep bass
plus the mix tapes
gotta a ni**a feeling like a open ledger
get away now you all in the lectures
being studied by the colleges professors
now I regret the day I met ya
I'll be the first one to say it
she ain't the one you wanna play wit
I Fked Hip-Hop

And if I cry two tears for her
that would be the most that I would give to her
I am Joseph, Darell, Jason, Dr, Dre, Oshea
And a host of those who past away
today I'm Drake, I'm Wayne, 2 Chain
you say you wanna rap
to this bitch you must commit
then you're a slave to your grave
you won't get out you cannot quit
she menstrates weekly
her vibes covers keep you warm
but the source to her heart 
is love word up, right on
you know how girls are
she love when you lick-ed on her world star
kissing on her belly trick on her at onyx
confused fans think that she illuminate demonic
but she's the object of my affection
god's essense 
god bless her
she bought me Bentleys Breitlings
made some friends resent me for writing
about my life
they thought I should have stayed quiet
she took me to places
I would've never seen without her
and she took me from my girl powder
I doubt I’ll ever be the same, hallowed be thy name
Give me strength so I don’t do this dame like Orenthal James
Brad warned me while driving this auburn Ferrari
Never follow in her games, I fuck around and I’ll be sorry
but I try used to rider
for dollars not the fame
she slowed me down and had me guzzling on cups of 'line
she's a middle age cougar
showing youngins the dream
noticed she wasn't breathing for a second
then I screamed "she's dead"
and everybody took it out on Nasty
I was just looking out 
for my music family
wasn't trying to claim her to myself
"she's yours"
You can have her she's a mutherF'king whore
I Fked Hip-Hop