Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Can’t Touch This

Recently I decided to catch up with a friend of mines, Yolanda Holck aka Yo-Yo from Hawaii.  Some of you may know the name but even if you don't you sure can’t forget the body (that is if you watched MC Hammer videos back in the day). She is the light-skin girl you used to always see in the biker shorts dancing behind Hammer Anyway, I decided to interview her about the hows and whys of the Hammer experience and here it goes:


Yo Yo 

How did you become a dancer for MC Hammer?

well i battled all his dancers at the point after club and battled all his dancers one by one and then called out Hammer on the dance floor that was my audition.

That was a bold move! What made you decide to do that?

I was mad at some military men that i was suppose to dance with them to open up for Hammer
so I was pumped up and danced battled my ass off that when i did that Hammer watch me for a long time and asked me to come to the back room, he then gave me an interview and asked me what I did and if I would leave with him and needed to pack my bags in 2 hours and meet him in the lobby.  i was wearing hammer gold pants and a gold vest,I was ready!

Nice!  So you was like” forget them dudes, I’ma just straight up battle my way in!”  Dopeness!!!  What was you doing before the whole Hammer thing?

I was teaching dance classes at the YMCA for boys and helping them stay out of gangs and into dancing. We were called Club 21 "Cool Ladies Unique Boys Together as One”.  The slogan was "Stay off the streets and get with the beat!" They were Filipinos

all filipinos?

Yes,I was in the Manog Association for University of Hawaii helping low income kids teaching them discipline and dance.   it was a very poor building and we didn't have much we had a radio with a pencil in the tape cassette holder to play and we didn't have a studio.Now, my kids rap and dance like me. I made them famous too  they rap, breakdance and hiphop.  They performed for 4 nights with me and Hammer on stage

Kool!  Now all this happened in Hawaii right?  I bet it was a big change for you after you joined Hammer's entourage.

yeah,  I met everyone too 357 was there Ho Frat Ho and B Angie B was there too.

What were some of your memorable moments while on tour and working with Hamma?

well there is a lot.  I would say staying in the penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in NY, Micheal Jackson was there too.  Being on Oprah and the American Music Awards live.

Ok, I see you was getting your star on, but I know there had to be some "oh hell no" type moments as well.

yes BET Awards and the Arsenio Hall Show, meeting James Brown
and meeting Easy E he was with me holding my hand on the plane.

Sounds interesting.  So what you been up to since the Hammer days and what are your plans for the future?

well I was rappin with Hammer on stage in japan at the Sony concert plus, I rapped on his shows and I had talking parts on his show and then i started rapping as 50yizzo


We had a interesting conversation some of which I cant really share with you but I will keep you posted on what’s going on with Yo-Yo aka 50yizzo in the future.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dies at 50


'King of Pop' Michael Jackson died today at the UCLA Medical Center after he was brought in by paramedics who found him not breathing at his home, according to various reports.

Jackson, 50, rose to fame alongside his brothers as the lead singer of the Jackson Five in the late 1960s. Before he had reached his teens, the group scored a string of No. 1 hits such as "I Want You Back" and "ABC." But Jackson went on to even greater success as a solo artist. He became a global megastar in 1982 with the release of "Thriller," which spawned seven Top 10 hits and remains one of the two bestselling albums in history.

Jackson remained a major star for the next decade, but as the years passed he began receiving more attention for his eccentric behavior than for his music. In 1993, he was hit with the first of several accusations of child sexual abuse. Jackson eventually settled with the child's family out of court, and no charges were brought. A separate case resulted in a heavily publicized trial in 2005; he was eventually acquitted.

-Mercury News

Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. CNN has confirmed his death.




You gotta admit, regardless of how he lived his life, he made DAMN GOOD MUSIC!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson!! You Will Be Missed!!

A boy full of dreams has been hoisted to paragon and pop king. All the while, a crowd had gathered below the wind sailing Jackson, aiming their carnival riffles till the broken prize came careening down into the deep cold earth. Sleep now, Michael, and I will work the conundrum in your stead. Give my regards to Jim, Jimi, and Bob. What is it about rising that consumes with such ravenous vigor.
-Marcellus Nealy

tomorrow is not promised to any of us... live life to the fullest everyday!!!


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nas New Song "Film" + lyrics

Brand new music from Nas, recorded with new producer C-Sick who won the chance to record with Nas in a producer's competition. (via TSS)

Download this MP3 - (Right Click)

Nas "Film" Lyrics

I want y'all to see this like film. C-Sick on production, Nas on the vocal.. let's go

Life's a fog at night red brake lights
The freeway beside a restaurant
Cold egg whites sat on my plate like
3 AM this is a spot frequented by some made men
I'm high on hemp a fly old pimp
Just walked in, his suit was shark skin,
He woke me up from some of the thoughts I'm lost in
What fame does to niggas, change love to bitterness
Friends to fiends for the audience screams ridiculous
Jumped up, paid the tab got in my Benz and went
To my old housing tenement, visit my old friends
Some show love and some are envious
Some got the heart of gold, some venomous
At times I wanna go back to being penniless
Ignorance is bliss, i love being innocent
Ugh, but life's got me on the fence again
And all is real so all's worth mentioning.

If I could press pause, or fast forward past the hardness
Visions written bring words to life like I'm smitten with
Memories real, still ill, now I appear crisp like film

Ice on gold from mossbergs to golf clubs
Ninth hole, the white rose, the life I chose
Bandanna over the eye, Dior sandals
Car doors rise with no touch of the handles
Capiche? Capri style, it's on beaches and islands
Far from police sirens at least for a weekend
then it's back to the streets creepin
I'd like to make a free toast of champagne on behald of this nigga speaking
Add a splash to the Seagrams
Roll the hash for my world renowned goons this evening
As i circle the table like Babe Ruth
Louisville Slugger in my grip for a fake dude
Bat to the brain with brute force
Splatter my cream velour suit
They hit me with lawsuit
I slip in your whore coupe
Your b*tch hate you, word to Jesus
Bet you never knew she toot yay and play with a gay crew
OGs hate to make way for the new
Young niggas want Polo ain't f*cking with J Crew
It's safe to say I was once young and innocent
But look what I know now, is all worth mentioning

If I could press pause, or fast forward past the hardness
Visions written bring words to life like I'm smitten with
Memories real, still ill, now I appear crisp like film

I speak to the street life
The executive chief types
The felons, young mothers with kids they trying to feed right
The botega wearers modern day Che Guevaras
Cuz I barely survived crazy eras
Honest, always make good on my promise
I don't talk it I do it you can hold me to it
I was born to this life I didn't invent it
But I'd be wrong not to take a few meal tickets
You and I are real different, we don't share the same beliefs
Fight in the ring or buy ringside seats
Either you like beef or you like to spectate
Give me gloves, and I'ma do it how the refs say
We touch em and we come out tussling
The ghetto is my garden of eden
So I keep bobbing and weaving
It's intense so I'm hardly breathing
KO, and the winner is Nas, that's how the scene ends

If I could press pause, or fast forward past the hardness
Visions written bring words to life like I'm smitten with
Memories real, still ill, now I appear crisp like film

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Roots Rock Reggae

What a gwaan?
The FINAL Roots Rock Reggae! SATURDAY, June 27th
2500JPY with drink and 1 free plate of Jamaican food!
500JPY Guavaberry drinks all night

Special guest performance by MackaRuffin and Patois lyricist,John MaCaNuff (11:00-12:00) and Jamaican Reggae band.
All night dancehall, classic reggae and soca.
African jewelrey on sale.
Seco Bar and Lounge, Shibuya  http://gmap.jp/shop-8432.html (English)
Enjoy Jamaican food. Don’t miss a great night.
See you in Reggae Heaven!

Roots Rock Reggae
スペシャルゲストパフォーマンスで MackaRuffin Patois lyricist,John MaCaNuffが登場!23:00-24:00
http://gmap.jp/shop-8431.html (Japanese)

Here are the walking directions:

So if you take the JR trains, come out at Shibuya Hachiko exit. Then cross at that huge intersection where Starbucks is and keep right. Walk all the way to Tower Records and then make a right. Walk under the bridge, cross the street and keeping coming up on your right side about 2 or 3 stop lights until you see a huge building called RESPEKT Seco. Seco bar and lounge is downstairs next to the Restaurant VINO.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

white girl can blow

Lisa Lavie doiing here thang!   here,heard,one mo gin!  she that shit!!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

THE FAM Live Listening Session

The Fam

Family Business has officially been released and is now available digitally from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, LastFM, and wherever else music is sold online!  Physical copies will also be available, starting with a pre-retail limited edition CD that will debut exclusively at the album release party next Tuesday, June 9 in NYC.

Live Listening Session now on http://www.livestream.com/famtv

http://www.myspace.com/thefammusic  http://www.timidmc.com/   http://pizonishiphop.com/

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