Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Happened to RnB

There is no good R&B today. I can't put an exact date on when it died, but I'd say sometime after the AZ Yet period, maybe 98 or 99. Maybe throw in Silk and I'm not sure when they charted last. It definitely died literally and figuratively when Roger, Luther and Barry did.

one of my favorite RnB songs of all time. Most of you are probably to young to remember this group but this is what Real RnB music sounds like:

The Group is Shai and the song is "If I Ever Fall In Love"

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Kevin said...

Taz, no one feels that way more than I! The wild thing is that you can still find some great R&B out here - if you know where to look! You remember I sent you that music from Sa Ra? Well, there's someone else you need to be scoping - Georgia Ann Muldrow

You can thank me later!