Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HIPHOP英会話 aka Hip Hop English!!

Love Street with Cooley 007

外国人ラッパーから学ぶ本場HIPHOP英会話!これからの時代ダンサーにも英語は必見! 日常使われる英会話を楽しく学んでいこう!


E-T-C Dance Shool contacted me to shoot a online video series to teach/explain about the english we use in Hip-Hop.  Was a pretty informal setting and I did almost the whole thing in Japanese.  Check It Out:  http://www.dance-ch.net/modules/variety_eikaiwa/index.php?content_id=1

Also, My new commercial for the Subaru Legacy B4 is out and online as well.  Go to http://www.subaru.jp/about/cm/legacy/index.html#dance and click on the movie link for “Dance with B4” to check it out.

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