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World's Strongest Beers of 2010

I have had some strong beers (or at least my head thought so the next day) but nothing I have had up to this point in life come close to these Strong Beers.   Be careful about having one too many!  Here are the top 3 World's Strongest Beers of 2010.  Click the link at the end of the article to go to the full list.


BrewDog Sink the Bismarck

ABV: 41%

Judging by the ABV of BrewDog's Sink The Bismarck, not only will it sink The Bismarck, but something tells me that it will sink anyone who drinks it as well!  This is the only brew that is truly worthy of the title "World's Strongest Beer".  This Scottish imperial/double IPA uses American hops and is sold only in limited-time batches.  At the time of writing, no Sink The Bismarck is available for purchase (although the company website does mention that pre-orders are being accepted for Batch 5, due to go on sale in early May, so watch out!).  

Although BrewDog has only been in business since 2007, Sink The Bismarck wasted no time in claiming its place atop the strongest beer pecking order.  Impressive!


Schorschbräu Schorschbock 40%
ABV: 39.44%

The top of the beer strength chart is no place for the faint of heart. reported on February 16 regarding the "Brewdog/Schorschbräu Beer War", characterizing it as a "silly battle of the booze" in which each company jockeys back and forth for the title of world's strongest beer.  Anything to be in the headlines, right?  Well, as long as I get my beer, it doesn't matter!  At time of writing, Schorschbock 40% weighs in at number two, tops among all Eisbock varieties.  

The problem is, how am I going to order this?  Shh...or...bra....shh...or...bock 40? 


Revelation Cat Craft Brewing Freeze the Penguin
ABV: 35%

Clocking in at number three on the world's strongest beer list is Revelation Cat Craft Brewing Freeze the Penguin. While I don't think it's very nice to freeze penguins because they're so darn cute (I mean, have you seen Happy Feet and March of the Penguins???), this is 35% ABV beer and what's more?  There's a Hot Habanero version spiced with hot habanero orange peppers as well!  The Italian eisbock is "a mix of a barley wine and an imperial stout" according to Beer Drivel, who remarked in February 2010 that Italy had "entered the fight" with BrewDog and Schorschbräu with the release of their mixed 35% ABV brew. 

By all accounts, it appears that the Scottish, Germans and Italians are engaged in an ongoing war to one up each other with stronger, more potent beer.  No complaints here!  CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LIST OF WORLD'S STRONGEST BEERS of 2010!

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