Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Tale of My Exciting Stripper Lover

The Tale of My Exciting Stripper Lover 
    - A Ballad

It began on a smooth summer's evening:
I was the most exciting singer around,
She was the most exciting stripper. 

She was my lover, 
My exciting lover,
My stripper.

We used to talk so well together,
Back then.
We wanted to kiss together, around the world,
We wanted it all.

But one evening, one smooth evening,
We decided to kiss too much.
Together we screwed a girl.
It was sexy, so sexy.

From that moment our relationship changed.
She grew so bright.

And then it happened:

Oh no! Oh no!

She clubbed a gent.
Alas, a gent!
My lover clubbed a gent.
It was sensuous, so sensuous.

The next day I thought my Face had broken,
I thought my legs had burst into flames,
(But I was actually overreacting a little.)

But still, she is in my thoughts.
I think about how it all changed that evening,
That smooth summer's evening.

My legs... ouch!
When I think of that exciting stripper,
That exciting stripper and me.

L. "Taz" Hicks
OnMugen Productions

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