Monday, September 19, 2011

Tokyo Game Show 2011

Went to check out TGS 2011 and let me tell you,  There were some really interesting things to be seen there.  Unfortunately, they had most of it under a "No picture, No video" shut down but, I captured what I could.  For the meantime, enjoy these shots of some of the CosPlay characters, game settings(what I could sneak shots of anyway) and my excursion to the Vietnam festival after the game show.  I have tons more of photos and video to edit so stay tuned!

L. Taz

Dscn1880 Dscn1888 Dsc00098 Dsc00061 Dsc00062 Dsc00066 Dsc00099 Dsc00104 Dsc00097 Dsc00063 Dsc00064 Dsc00065 Dsc00068 Dsc00069 Dsc00070 Dsc00076 Dsc00071 Dsc00072 Dsc00074 Dsc00075 Dsc00077 Dsc00078 Dsc00079 Dsc00080 Dsc00082 Dsc00084 Dsc00085 Dsc00086 Dsc00087 Dsc00088 Dsc00090 Dsc00092 Dsc00093 Dsc00094 Dsc00096 Dsc00103 Dsc00102 Dsc00122 Dsc00105 Dsc00106 Dsc00107 Dsc00108 Dsc00109 Dsc00111 Dsc00110 Dsc00112 Dsc00113 Dsc00115 Dsc00114 Dsc00116 Dsc00117 Dsc00118 Dsc00121 Dsc00120 Dsc00124 Dscn1881 Dscn1882 Dscn1883 Dscn1886 Dscn1887 Dsc00123 Dscn1896 Dscn1889 Dscn1890 Dscn1891 Dscn1892 Dscn1893 Dscn1895 Dscn1898 Dscn1899 Dscn1900 Dscn1905 Dscn1906 Dscn1901 Dscn1903 Dscn1904 Dscn1907
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