Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hatervision: Hulu in Japan from my living room!

  Hulu may not have a new owner yet, but it does have an international presence now that it has come to Japan! I was scanning through the video app channels on my Sony Bravia and noticed a new icon.  Upon further inspection, I realized it was the Hulu icon!  Here is a video of the Hulu experience in Japan:

  Overall the list looks more like Netflix than Hulu's free or Plus services in the US do. With my service I can stream the content to my Android phone, PC or TV.  They appear to have a decent selection thus far and, for ¥1,480 per month ($19.19 US), it seems pretty reasonable.  Check the Press Release for a full list of content providers signed up so far or just hit the source link to try out a free month so you can decide whether or not it's worth your yen.

Hulu Japan Site:
Press Release:

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