Monday, September 13, 2010

めちゃ×2イケてるッ!オーディション! New Member Audition! めちゃ×2イケてるッ!オーディション!

Sunday I took a trip to Odaiba to participate in the audition for the new member of Mecha Ike (めちゃ×2イケてるッ!).  Was a long day in the sun with my fate being decided with a O-X quiz.  Watch the video to see what happened:)


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Anonymous said...

That's bollocks! After all that? What were the questions? Thanks for showing those of us who couldn't go what it was like though! I love people who make vids about Japan life!

Taz of Onmugen said...

It was an interesting experiencs but the Maru Batsu quiz is going to make them miss a lot of really talented people because the question are about the show and it has been on for 15 years so kinda hard to know everything.