Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taz and the 3文字48

Spent the day in the studio with Hironobu Tanaka, the production director for AKB48, working on overtures and live intros for the new additions to the franchise.  For those that didnt know, Me and Mr. Tanaka have worked together on all the intros and overtures the groups use at their live shows, over the years. Including the original AKB48, there are 5 franchises.  They are AKB48 (Akihabara), SKE48 (Sakae, Nagoya), SDN48 (Saturday Night), and the two newest additions NMB48 (Namba, Osaka) and Team OGI. Fortunately, since we were only doing overtures and intros, the girls werent there.  If they were it would be really crazy trying to get anything done because there are soooooo many (way more than 48) of them.  LOL!   Anyway, for more infor on the AKB48 franchise click the links in the paragraph above or go to the Japanese page

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