Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Pyramids: Power Plants or Tombs

From "The Giza Power Plant - Technologies of Ancient Egypt" by Christopher Dunn 

Page 221
The Northern Shaft served as a conduit, or a waveguide, and its original metal lining--which passed with extreme precision through the pyramid from the outside--served to channel a microwave signal into the King's Chamber. The microwave signal that flowed through this waveguide may have been the same signal that we know today is created by the atomic hydrogen that fills the universe and that is constantly bombarding the Earth. This microwave signal probably was reflected off the outside face of the pyramid, then focused down the Northern Shaft. Traveling through the King's Chamber and passing through a crystal box amplifier located in its path, the input signal increased in power as it interacted with the highly energized hydrogen atoms inside the resonating box amplifier and chamber. This interaction forced the electrons back to their natural "ground state." In turn, the hydrogen atoms released a packet of energy of the same type and frequency as the input signal. This "stimulated emission" was entrained with the input signal and followed the same path. 

The process built exponentially--occurring trillions of times over. What entered the chamber as a low energy signal became a collimated (parallel) beam of immense power as it was collected in a microwave receiver housed in the south wall of the King's Chamber and was then directed through the metal-lined Southern Shaft to the outside of the pyramid. This tightly collimated beam was the reason for all the science, technology, craftsmanship, and untold hours of work that went into designing, testing, and building the Giza power plant. The ancient Egyptians had a need for this energy: It was most likely used for the same reasons we would use it today--to power machines and appliances. We know from examining Egyptian stone artifacts that ancient craftspeople had to have created them using machinery and tools that needed electricity to run. However, the means by which they distributed the energy produced by the Giza power plant may have been a very different process from any we use today.

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