Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AU IS03 Android 2.2 Update!

Android update

Link to the Japanese information is here 日本語へのリンクはこちら http://www.kddi.com/corporate/news_release/2011/0406/index.html

On April 6th, AU by KDDI announced that their Sharp IS03 smartphone will at last be receiving an update to Android version 2.2. This press release is only in Japanese and the instructions on how to update the phone are also in Japanese.  Not a problem you would think but, A majority of users of this phone are unable to read Japanese.  For those people I post this blog.  I would recommend backing up your contacts and emails before you updatebecause you never know what can happen when updating your gadgets.  Also, AU added a disclaimer stating that they cannot be held responsible for your loss of data.  Be careful and HAPPY UPDATING

The following are the update instructions translated to English, Hope it helps:

HOW TO UPDATE YOUR IS03 (日本語へのリンクはこちら)

This update cannot be done from the "IS03" by itself. On April 14th go to Sharp's update page http://k-tai.sharp.co.jp/download/tools/updatetool/a/is03/index.html on your computer.  Download the update tool and connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
(1) Install the USB driver for your phone (If you haven’t already)
(2) Install the PC update tool
(3) run the update tool ("IS03" Update)
(4) You may have to re-install some of your applications and widgets after the update. So back them up if possible.

Remember, The update URL will NOT be active until April 14, 2011 (Thursday) at 10:00 am.


L. “TAZ” Hicks

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Anonymous said...

Really dumb to make this a Windows only update! Android usually can and should update through WLAN, sure it's a 440 MB file, but what the heck!
It looked like au was making a real effort to get Android right, but this is retro!