Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramen Burger?

We were walking back from Hanami in Yoyogi Park and saw this dude selling Ramen Burgers, Yes you read correctly.  Apparently he started selling them last year and they were something of a hit.  Everybody knows Ramen so, I bet you are wondering what is a Ramen Burger.  Well, He boils the Ramen noodles in a broth, Takes those noodles and places them in a round hot plate type thing.  Once on the hot plate, the noodles are fried and hold the shape of burger buns.  He takes those "buns" and puts your basic toppings for Ramen between them i.e.  Char Shu, Bamboo Shoots, Onions etc....   It is actually pretty good and If you ever come across this dude you gotta try it!

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locohama said...

Where is he exactly? near Harajuku station? Looks good. Made me hungry!

Taz of OnMugen said...

He was at the bridge near Yoyogi Park. Next time I am in the area I will post a gps location for it.