Saturday, April 30, 2011

Toupe Fiasco – Fish Hook (Donald Trump Diss)

“If rappers are so bold like they used to be there would be like 10 diss records for Donald Trump right now,” insist Chuck. “But the average rapper is afraid because they don’t know if Trump will have money for them one day. Money has brought their fear out. There are supposed to be 20 cats lined up cursing Trump the fuck out. This is supposed to be hip-hop, right?” - Chuck D (read the full article here)

Possibly in response to Chuck D's call to rappers to get at Donald Trump, Toupe Fiasco takes shots with Fish Hook: 


Download the song here – Toupe Fiasco “Fish Hook”

Toupe Fiasco - Fish Hook

Uh, what up y'all
Palin what's popin baby
Y'all ain't know
I go by the name of
Toupe Fiasco
Representing that April 15th
And this one right here
I dedicate this one right here
To all my CEO's out there grinding'
Legally and Illegally
You know what I'm talkin'bout
So, check it out

First got it at 26, didn't know any tricks
matter fact, first time i wore it it slipped
read the box for some tips, tried glue to make fit
couldn't sew it with a stitch, so i comb it like this
now we can end the story right here
if i join the race i could win it by a hair, yea
polls are so revealing, couldn't fight feeling
something about it, birth place yea we doubt it
couldn't understand it demanded from this scary islamic
but just to cover my tracks i would like to say i got love for the blacks
cha chinga chinga chang I won't pay no tax
If you're a citizen? why don't you show me the facts
my investigators on the ground got my back
made him show the record, long form attached, yea
i really didn't doubt it myself
but look what i did, i'm so proud of myself

So they fish, hook fish, hook fish, hook, fish hook, pull
can't get my toupee, money isn't evil i was born this way
So they fish, hook fish, hook fish, hook, fish hook, pull
can't get my piece, keeps my head from getting red when i'm at the beach
so they Fish, and Hook, and Pull

I want to give a shout out to my homey Wig Khalifa.
My producer Sean Puffy Combover, 10 years from now it'll still be on top
Tape that, tape that, tape that, tape that.
Rest in Peace to the Notorious B.A.L.D.
Toupe Fiasco


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Toupe Fiasco said...

This is fantastic. I am very proud of myself for this.