Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Relief for Tohoku, Japan

Beau Help

  It was brought to my attention, by Tony Knight, that a fellow named Beau Retallick and some friends actually took it upon themselves to help with the situation in Tohoku, Japan.  They got a couple of vans, loaded them with supplies, and drove up to the Tokoku area to distribute to the people in need there.

  Knowing that the only feasible route there would take them in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, they still took the risk.  They grabbed some potassium iodine pills and a Geiger Counter,  and were on their way.

  This selfless act is truly heroic and I hope it inspires more to do what they can to help out.  Donate to the organization of your choice or Volunteer your time.  The people of Tohoku, Japan need it.

  Here is an excerpt from one of his post followed by some pictures:

“5:20AM on the 14th van loaded with 500Liters of water, Geiger Counter Plastic bags to use as toilets, food,blue plastic sheets, dust masks etc on the road to Fukashima. Mission to supply water to Fukashima residents. Me, Ed, Emi and her brother(Both Emergency Room Nurses) Emi is Ed`s wife. We tried to center the load as much as possible but 500kg had us pretty much bottoming out.”

More pictures from his trip here


Beau and friends We Salute You!


 I contacted Beau with my plans to write this blog and this was his response:

“No worries. That's great. We now have our next mission fully underway. We have 4000liters of liquid storage, 7vans and 2 trucks. 500liters of heating fuel and we look like we might hit 1 million yen of food”

 True Heroes Indeed!

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