Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yokohama Japan 3days after the M9.0 quake

Video of the state of things in Yokohama Japan 3 days after the start of the Crisis in Fukushima Japan.

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While we are waiting for these events to unfold in the coming days, one thing is for sure-- Those people up in Tohoku Japan need our help. So we are going start a RAN donation drive. 


All proceeds will be distributed to various relief organizations that we've partnered with in the past for our previous charity events like RAN Rock Haiti, RAN for Chile and recently, RAN for Christchurch.

RAN Magazine is putting together a team of people to offer support / go to Sendai and help. Watch our twitter feeds and/or check the donation site for more details about when we can enter the affected areas as a group. Thank you so much!

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