Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Links to radiation level information in Japan

Here are some links to check for current radiation levels in Japan (In Japanese, but you can use google translator to get a quick rough translation if need be):

Koto Ward, Tokyo; Ustream- (real-time)


Miyagi - / - primary real Onagawa (real-time)


Aomori - / - (real-time) Nuclear Safety Administration, Aomori


Hokkaido / Nuclear Environmental Center (real-time)

Niigata Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant (real-time)


Ibaraki / Internet view telemetry station radiation - (real-time)


Niigata / Niigata Prefecture Environmental Radiation Monitoring System - (real-time)


National / Environment open systems and environmental radiation monitoring data- (1 day delay)


Kanagawa / real-time safety and accident prevention bureau, Kanagawa Prefecture (real-time)


The number of units [nGr / h] and in this "gray per hour nano" and reads.

n (nano) size of the numbers →. m (mm) μ → (μ) → n (nano), and then will become the 1000 / 1. A micro-nano-1000, Micro 1000 is one millimeter.

Gr (Gray) is a unit of intensity of radiation →. In the report "Sv (sievert)" We have units that are commonly used, in this case largely "1Gr = 1Sv"

/ H (per hour) per hour 1 →, which means. Value that is displayed there is to say that the total value per hour. Get away in 10 minutes if the intensity of the radiation exposure is <6 / 1.

If A Value of 30 [nGr / h] is displayed , to stay there for one hour, will result in exposer to a radiation level of 30 NanoSv roughly.

Information via http://ameblo.jp/sonaeru

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